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Run Away, Bride

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When Bride Lopez loves, she does it with all her heart. It was her strength and her weakness. Kaya n`ong minahal niya si Slance Aquino ay alam niyang binigyan niya ito ng kakayahang saktan siya. Slance and her were from different worlds. He was one of the popular kids then and she was just...well, Bride. Pinabayaan niyang mahulog ng sobra ang loob niya rito dahil alam niyang hindi siya nito mapapansin. She permitted herself to get lost in him because she knew he will never find her. Pero laking gulat niya nang isang araw ay ayain siya nito magsayaw. It scared her. Because now that he knew she existed, he could break her heart. So instead of succumbing to her feelings, she ran away from him. And from that day on, she never saw him again.

Slance Aquino was tired of pain. He was tired of going after every person he loved. He was tired of being run away from. He was tired of loving people who ran away from him. Kaya hindi niya alam kung bakit gan`on nalang ang kapit ng pagmamahal niya kay Bride kahit na isa ito sa mga taong tinakbuhan siya. Hindi niya alam kung bakit mahal na mahal niya ito kahit na ito ang taong may pinakamalakas na kakayahang saktan at sirain siya. He wanted to unlove her. But it was hard because she was already a vital part of his heart. He knew that even if she wasn’t part of his life, she will always be in his heart.

Ten years later, fate decided to play a trick on both of them. They met again, now adults who were experiencing individual issues. Bride saw the meeting as a chance. Slance saw it as a means to closure. Bride thought that allowing herself to succumb to what she felt for him would ease the pain of longing she had for him. Slance thought that the only way to prevent her from hurting him again was to hurt her first. Both were wrong decisions that they had to suffer from because fate’s game was just starting. Mula sa isang pagkikita ay nasundan pa iyon ng marami pa. Slowly, from one pain to another, Bride and Slance came to realize that the path to a perfect love was paved with pain. And no matter how much they try to run away from each other, their hearts were born to be one.