Super Heater Nawasa

For heating & boiling water.

24 months guaranty.

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P 550.00


Direction of Use:

  • Plug first into 110 or 220 volts outlet, then dip the heater into the water. No transformer needed. (Do not dip the heater before plugging - to avoid spark in the plug and outlet).
  • After using, lift the heater from the water, then unplug(don't unplug while the heater is dipped inside the water - to avoid spark).

Precautionary Measures:

  1. In 220 volts, never use NAWASA Model in a Deep well or Hard Water. Fuse may burn out. However, in 110 volts, this heater can be used for both hard and soft water.
  2. When using extensio cord, be sure the wire is the same with the heater cord or bigger.
  3. Do not use the heater for boiling salty, dirty or sweetened water.
  4. Preferably use 30 amperes fuse.
  5. Remove heater from the container first before feeling the water temperature.


  • Automatic shut-off when not in water.
  • Plug into 220 or 110 volts: no transformer needed.
  • Potable: 100% stainless steel inside. Food grade plastic
  • No chemical reaction, no odorization and no colorization
  • Rust free
  • Portability