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ShopCentral.com.ph is owned and operated by Central Book Store, Inc. , a Sterling Paper Company. Being a very diversified group, Sterling has ventured into various businesses like manufacturing, importation and marketing of school & office supplies and hybrid rice technology (Dona Maria Premium Rice brand). Sterling’s business expands into real estate property development and BPO operations. And of course, its retail business continue to expand year after year with over 50 retail stores and 2 shopping malls by end of this year 2015.

With ShopCentralcom.ph, Sterling has once again extended its portfolio, this time in the field of E-commerce. This is a strategic move on the company’s part to prepare for the new era of marketing its products all over the country. Though still in its early stages, ShopCentral.com.ph is envisioned to be a major sales channel of both company manufactured and imported products as well as third party sourced products. It is geared towards servicing both the general online buying community and Sterling’s very own 5000 plus employee base nationwide.

ShopCentral.com.ph is not only meant to change the way people shop but also to make a difference in the lives of the people that have served their company well. This what makes it different from any other e-commerce site. Its foundation are people working together not only improving the way business is done but uplifting the lives of other people.